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Is freight management a core competency, or a time-consuming distraction?


Freight Management

If you're looking for a complete handover of your transportation department, then KANE should be on the top of your list of potential partners.  


Let us put our 90+ years of experience to work for you. Utilizing both asset and non-asset capacity, combined with our TMW and Blu-Jay TMS systems, we seamlessly manage all your day-to-day transportation and administrative needs.  


Why KANE for freight management services?


  • Experience. KANE people are freight transportation experts, with hands on experience managing cross dock operations, milk runs and other transportation strategies.
  • Combined asset and non-asset-based solutions. We can give you the benefit of consistent capacity and drivers, while also offering a strong base of partner carriers to handle unexpected surges and capacity needs.
  • Advanced systems. We use TMW and Blu-Jay TMS systems to optimize freight moves. We invest to maintain the most up-to-date systems and to train our team, allowing you to preserve your capital.
  • Collaborative approach. Ask our customers. KANE people are rarely seen as “outsiders,” but as seamless extensions of your existing team.
  • Full visibility. Enter your secure location within the KANE web portal and access shipment status, operational metrics, trends reports and a host of other information.

Our success comes from the knowledge and history (the KANE transportation team has) with Kimberly-Clark and the depth of the relationships.

- Transportation Ops Manager Kimberly-Clark Corporation

freight management services

Benefits of KANE freight management services?

  • Reduce freight costs. We create the most efficient freight movements possible, reducing costs.  
  • Preserve your capital.  We invest in systems and training so you don’t have to.
  • Ensure capacity. No more scrambling to find carriers. You stay focused on more strategic tasks and we make sure loads are covered.  
  • Access industry leading systems. KANE uses the SaaS solution from BlueJay to delivery the following benefits: visibility across the transportation network, real-time data access in the cloud, continuous performance improvements, and cost savings.
  • Retain strong control over freight operations. In fact, outsourcing your operation can actually enhance control as sophisticated systems track every aspect of operational and financial performance.  You get the intelligence you need to monitor the program, without getting buried in execution details.   

Transportation Management Spotlight



Sun-Maid® needed to reduce its LTL costs and sought a 3PL partner on the east coast with a strong freight consolidation program.  KANE took over Northeast and Mid-Atlantic distribution of Sun-Maid’s premium-quality raisins and dried fruits, combining Sun-Maid freight with other customer’s products to create lower-cost full truckload shipments. 


As a result, Sun-Maid reduced its CWT for outbound freight by 62% compared with non-consolidated shipments.  


Read The Full Case Study



Addressing the typical arguments against outsourcing freight management services

  • Service will suffer. The thinking is that an outside firm won’t be as invested in service as internal staff. In reality, that’s just not so. In fact, in 83% of the cases, service levels improve after a strategic outsourcing decision (Logistics Outsourcing Report).
  • We’ll pay more. While in-house managers may do a great job negotiating carrier rates, a 3PL with scale can bring things to the table that in-house staff cannot. For example, advanced systems can optimize routes, find backhauls and do other things to drive costs down. Also, when outside carriers are needed, 3PLs can leverage their aggregate spend to obtain favored rates.
  • We’ll lose direct contact with carriers. Often, many of these existing relationships are retained by the 3PL and it makes sense for the customer to maintain an active dialogue with these long-time carriers.

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