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Meet all your expedited freight needs in the Northeast.


Same-day and Next-day Delivery

Freight deliveries don't always go as planned. When carriers fall off at the last minute or a customer calls with an urgent request, you need a carrier who can step in and get the freight moved quickly and reliably. KANE can deliver same-day or next-day to 13 Northeast states, from Maine to Virginia.


Every day, KANE's large truckload fleet pans out across the region to do daily retail deliveries. So, wherever you have an urgent delivery need in the Northeast, chances are there is or soon will be a KANE truck nearby.


Why KANE for expedited freight delivery?


  • Fast response. Call us with shipment details and we'll give you an immediate yes or no.
  • Late order cut-off times. Call by 3 pm and we'll deliver the next day. For morning requests, same-day service is possible.
  • Real-time tracking. Always know the exact location of your urgent shipment and when it will arrive.

Benefits of KANE's Expedited Freight Delivery Service

  • Keep customers happy. Keep retail shelves filled and avoid stock-outs.
  • Avoid late delivery penalties. Hit your delivery windows even if a primary carrier hits a last-minute snag.
  • Reduce your risk. Rely on experienced KANE drivers and NOT unknown carriers from load boards.
  • Simplify and streamline freight management. Just one call to KANE and we'll take it from there.

Delivering Excellence Since 1930

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