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CPG Logistics

KANE is primarily focused on logistics support for consumer product manufacturers − companies that are under pressure from two sides. On one side, retail customers want smaller replenishment orders more frequently. At the same time, your own company is pressuring you to reduce logistics costs.

To please both sides and optimize your supply chain, consider partnering with a third-party logistics provider that specializes in CPG logistics and works extensively in the following sectors: 



Food & Beverage

All KANE distribution centers and systems are designed to store and manage product in the highly regulated food industry. All KANE facilities are AIB "superior" rated.


mirassouWine & Spirits

KANE can carefully manage your “sell by” dates in temperature-controlled, FDA-compliant and TTB-compliant facilities. We work with major wine and spirits manufacturers and retailers.


cpg logisticsConsumer Packaged Goods

KANE offers complete omni-channel distribution services to CPG companies. Services include retail distribution, eCommerce fulfillment and advanced contract packaging services.



KANE's flexible operating model helps large retailers manage today's rapidly changing logistics requirements. Services include warehousing, store delivery and cross docking.