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CPG Logistics

As a consumer packaged goods company, you may feel like you're getting squeezed. On one side, your retail customers want smaller replenishment orders more frequently. At the same time, your own company is pressuring you to reduce logistics costs.

To please both of these sides and optimize your supply chain, consider partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that specializes in CPG logistics.  KANE is one such 3PL and works extensively in the following industries: 

mirassouBeverage/Wine and Spirits

Whether its water, energy drinks or alcoholic beverages, KANE can carefully manage your “sell by” dates from temperature-controlled, FDA-compliant facilities.




All KANE warehouses and systems are designed to store and manage product in the highly regulated food industry.



cpg logisticsHealth and Beauty Aids

In the health and beauty aid (HBA) sector, KANE meets the high standards for facility cleanliness and inventory control that the FDA demands.


samsRetail Logistics

KANE systems are flexible and easily integrate with retailers' logistics processes and systems.

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