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    West Coast Distribution - LA Warehouse

    west coast distribution

    KANE’s West Coast distribution operations include an LA warehouse located in Rialto, just outside the city in the Inland Empire.   This multi-client facility provides powerful and adaptive capabilities for Western U.S. supply chains.  

    Advantages of distribution with KANE include:

    • Food-grade storage, with a "superior" rating from AIB International

    • LTL freight consolidation services

    • Rail access 

    • Easy on/off highway access

    • Integrated warehousing, packaging and transportation solution

    • Variable cost model - pay only for the space and services you need

    • Immediate occupancy

    KANE can support expansion of your West Coast distribution capabilities.  Read our LA Warehouse Overview for more details.

    Flexible dedicated and shared warehousing solutions

    We operate close to 8 million square feet of warehousing distribution space, with facilities in every region of the U.S. 

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