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Sustainability and Green Logistics

Green logistics

KANE is committed to reducing carbon emissions, pollution and congestion with smarter trucks and delivery methods. KANE’s Collaborative Distribution program, for example, pools the inventory and shipments of consumer goods manufacturers so common retail customers can receive fewer, larger shipments. This reduces distribution costs as much as 35% and also reduces emissions, as the same volume of goods is delivered using fewer trucks. Read the Sun-Maid Story.

KANE green logistics features include:

  • SmartWay® certified

  • Own and operate CNG-powered vehicles that produce up to 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions and significantly less smog-producing pollutants than petroleum-fueled counterparts.
  • A recent update of our diesel-powered tractor fleet is expected to save $1.3 million dollars and 343,000 gallons of diesel annually

Green logistics operations

KANE facilities couple energy-efficient T5 lighting with motion sensors. T5 lighting lasts 2-3 times longer than metal halide lamps, generating savings of $260,000 dollars and 3.5 million kilowatt-hours annually.

Integrated packaging for a green supply chain

KANE’s sophisticated contract packaging capabilities enable companies to integrate final packaging into distribution operations. That eliminates freight runs to and from outside packagers, greatly reducing time, cost and carbon emissions in the overall green supply chain. Read the Kimberly-Clark case study.

Logistics recycling

Green logistics is a way of life in KANE operations. No material is landfilled if it has potential for recycling.  Following are the amounts of material we have recycled since 2012:

  • 61.64 tons of paper

  • 196.78 tons of plastic and stretch wrap

  • 12,822.39 tons of cardboard

  • 101.24 tons of cans/bottles

  • 14.3 tons of steel

  • 148.9 tons of wood 



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