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The Power of We: Cut costs by sharing a distribution infrastructure.


Shared Warehouse Network Provides Nationwide Distribution

KANE has built a nationwide warehousing network that consumer product companies can share. By co-locating your inventory with similar products, even competitors’ products, you can share, thereby reduce, your facility overhead costs. KANE does not offer month-to-month public warehousing agreements. Engagements involving KANE's multi-client facilities are with companies seeking a longer-term strategic relationship whose volumes, nationally or within a region, do not require a dedicated facility

Why KANE for nationwide shared warehousing services?

  • Integrated services. KANE’s award-winning fleet combines with our warehousing services for a tightly-integrated retail distribution solution.
  • Food grade. All multi-client facilities are food grade and have received superior ratings from AIB International.
  • Metrics tracking and reporting. Real-time measurement and sharing of operational performance and labor productivity provides transparency and control.
  • Networked facilities. Orders and inventory across multiple facilities can be viewed through a single web interface. 
  • Comprehensive value-added services. Labeling, kitting, final packaging and other value-added services can be done in the distribution center at a much lower cost than in a manufacturing environment.

KANE people treat the AGFA business as if it were their own.

 - Jonathan Ashton, AGFA’s VP of Operations in North America

Benefits of KANE’s shared warehousing services

  • Reduce risk and capital investment.
  • Streamline and simplify distribution. KANE can be your single-source partner for integrating warehousing and freight delivery, eliminating the time and cost involved in coordinating multiple providers.
  • Quickly expand to new markets. KANE’s national warehouse network gives you a scalable logistics capacity – for space, labor and transportation
  • Access advanced systems. KANE’s tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Manhattan Associates optimizes inventory management, pick and pack services, receiving, shipping, and tracking.

Shared Warehousing Spotlight



Carrier, a world leader in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, relies on KANE to distribute its fast-growing line of ductless air conditioning systems. The Carrier operation occupies a large footprint in KANE’s multi-client, Southern California warehouse. In addition to standard warehousing and distribution services, the solution includes tight serial number tracking and product customization on the warehouse floor. The product has seasonal volume swings, so KANE’s highly flexible space and labor solution is key.


The KANE-operated facility in Southern California allows Carrier to have a distribution center close to its vital West Coast customers and has supported a strong, steady growth of product sales in this market.

public warehousing


At the heart of a truly effective logistics collaboration are two teams working together toward a common goal. To exemplify such positive collaboration, Inbound Logistics recently highlighted the partnership between KANE and AGFA Graphics, a Belgium-based supplier to the printing industry.  One of KANE’s distribution centers in Scranton, PA serves as AGFA’s national DC. KANE receives and processes orders in real time and ships them ––using full truckload, LTL, courier and parcel – to other AGFA locations and customers, both regionally and nationally. 


“KANE people treat the AGFA business as if it were their own,” says Jonathan Ashton, AGFA’s VP of Operations in North America.


Based on the success of the partnership, KANE has established AGFA distribution points at several of KANE’s other nationwide locations.

KANE's Nationwide Distribution Network

KANE operates 6 million square feet of warehousing distribution space, with facilities spanning every region of the U.S, including both shared warehousing facilities and facilities dedicated to a specific customer.  

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