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Pool Distribution


For long-haul shipments, smaller volume shippers can avoid the higher cost and time delays of LTL shipping by leveraging KANE’s ability to create collaborative shipping arrangements.  By matching freight with common ship-to points, KANE builds multi-vendor truckloads for region-to-region freight that can reduce your costs by 25% and cut transit times by 50%. 

This simple “share the ride” concept, while nothing new, is surprisingly underutilized. But more and more small shippers are starting to realize that their lack of freight volume doesn’t leave them without options.

Benefits of KANE’s pool distribution solution

  • Lower costs. Pay only for your portion of the price of a consolidated TL shipment.

  • Achieve predictable costs. Compared with LTL carriers, TL haulers are far less likely to slap you with significant rate hikes from one year to the next.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs. Regional consolidation puts your freight on linehaul trucks that move your goods around the country on a regular schedule, without passing through multiple terminals.  Reducing days in transit and increasing the reliability of your distribution network allows you to significantly reduce your inventory. 

  • Lower risk of loss, error or damage. The longer a load stays on the same truck, the greater the chance it will reach the consignee correctly, on time and intact.  

  • Create happier customers. Because pool distribution offers faster, more reliable service, you’ll find it easier to meet retailers’ service demands. As a result, you’ll incur fewer chargebacks and gain the good will that leads to more business.

Why KANE for pool point distribution services?
  • Density of like customers. KANE’s specialty is moving consumer goods to retail channels. We serve plenty of companies with products and retail customers similar to yours. As a result, we offer the most opportunities to collaborate and save. 

  • Rates you can understand. Instead of using complex algorithms to determine how much they’ll charge to carry a given load, TL carriers base their rates simply on miles traveled and the weight of the load. Whether you’re shipping paper clips or huge end cap displays, it’s easy to figure out what you’ll pay.

  • Access to advanced technology. We give you direct access to track and trace information through our online portal.