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1930s: 1 associate (Edward Kane), 1 truck


In February of 1930, Edward Kane traded his car for a used truck to provide local hauling to valley regions of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Group 627

1940s: 8 associates, 8 trucks


During the 1940s, KANE focused on delivery of refrigerated food products in Northeast Pennsylvania. Using small trucks, delivered to local businesses and homes.

KANE’s local trucking business expands, with an average of one truck added per year.

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1950s: 10 associates, 10 trucks, 2,000 sq ft


In the 1950s, KANE launched its warehouse business in response to a request from General Electric to store appliances.


First trailer purchased.


Edward’s son, Gene Kane, takes over company operations.


Kane Warehousing is launched by converting 2,000 square feet of garage space.


Expansion of warehousing business with purchase of Market Street warehouse in Scranton.


First KANE cross docking operation opened in Scranton.

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1960s: 16 associates, 14 trucks, 15,000 sq ft


During the 1960s, KANE continued to grow its warehouse footprint and made a strategic decision to focus on warehousing as an engine for company growth.


South Washington Avenue building in Scranton purchased to expand warehouse capacity.


Expanded relationship with Kraft. Purchased first refrigerated trailer to distribute cheese.


First official usage of Kane Is Able logo.


Plans for Taylor 1 (T1) to be built in Stauffer Industrial Park.

Mask Group 43

1970s: 20 associates, 17 trucks, 125,000 sq ft


In the 1970s, KANE expanded its focus from local to regional distribution. Initially, this was done to support distribution of Philco appliances.


Taylor 1 (T1), KANE’s first warehouse in Stauffer Industrial Park, opened. Modern, rail-sided facility is 100,00 square feet.

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1980s: 27 associates, 200,000 sq ft


Business expansion continued in the 1980s with the addition of new DCs in Stauffer Park in Scranton and growth in the freight business driven by deregulation within the transportation industry.


KANE first advertises on the benefits of product distribution from Northeast PA.


KANE expanded its cross-dock operations, opening a 63-door cross-dock facility in Scranton, PA.

1988 & 1989

Taylor 2 and Taylor 3 open, the second and third KANE warehouses in Stauffer Industrial Park.

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1990s: 340 associates, 812,550 square feet, revenue of $17.5 million


During the 1990s, KANE expanded into large, dedicated contract operations for outsourced distribution. Relationships established with many large customers, including PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark and Sam's Club.

340 associates, 812,550 square feet, revenue of $17.5 million


KANE's fourth warehouse (T4) in Stauffer Industrial Park opens, with Topps as the primary customer.


KANE Logistics is launched. Retail cross docking operation opens.

March 1994

KANE opens its first operation outside of Pennsylvania -- a cross dock facility in Maryland.

August 1994

Packaging services blossom as focus changes to postponement and contract solutions.


Completion of Taylor 5 (T5) and cross dock.


PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) operations at T3.


Taylor 6 (T6) in Stauffer Park completed.

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2000s: 605 associates, 2.3 million square feet, revenue of $64.1 million


During the early 21st century KANE grew rapidly due, in part, to expansion beyond the Northeast region. Services diversified into automated fulfillment and advanced packaging operations.

February 2001

Gene Kane, Sr. becomes Chairman.

February 2001

Dick Kane named President and CEO.

June 2001

Stauffer Park buildings renamed Distribution Centers (DCs) to reflect a shift away from storage to high-volume distribution solutions.


Automated fulfillment operation launched at Tunkhannock , PA DC.

April 2004

Large, single-client DC opens in Hazleton, PA.

September 2004

Large, single-client DC opens in Meshoppen, PA.

February 2005

New Scranton cross dock facility opens.

May 2005

75th Anniversary celebration.


Revenue hits the $100 million mark. 

June 2006

KANE becomes a charter member of SmartWay.

February 2008

KANE expands network footprint into Atlanta.

November 2008

KANE expands network footprint into California.

December 2008

KANE expands network footprint to Chicago.


KANE introduces tagline -- the CPG Logistics Specialists -- emphasizing the strategic focus on logistics solutions for manufacturers of consumer packaged goods.

March 2009

Ecommerce & fulfillment solutions expanded.


2010s: 1,154 associates, 8.5 million square feet, revenue of $141.1 million


Starting in 2010, KANE's Board of Directors expanded to include members outside of the Kane family. Strategy remains dedicated to long-term growth, while maintaining the company's core values.

October 2010

Gene Kane, Sr., our beloved founder, passes on. (1930 - 2010)

June 2011

Tier 1 WMS, TMS, and LMS installed.

July 2013

Augmented our customer dedication by enrolling associates in Villanova University training for Lean Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts.

September 2013

Expansion of operations in Atlanta.

December 2013

KANE expands into Inland Empire (Southern California).


KANE expands network footprint into Detroit.

August 2014

First CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) tractors placed into service for the KANE fleet.

September 2014

First expansion of KANE fleet outside the Northeast -- greater Atlanta region.

October 2014

Kane Is Able makes its first acquisition in the company's long history -- Nexus Distribution DC Hubs in Allentown, PA and Atlanta, GA.

February 2015

KANE expands network footprint into Ohio.

April 2015

KANE expands network footprint into Salt Lake City, UT.

October 2015

Expansion of operations in Chicago.

April 2016

KANE is the first 3PL to be awarded the prestigious 3PL of the Year in back-to-back years.

October 2016

KANE ventures into outside storage with Dow Building Solutions.

February 2017

Sam's Club and KANE celebrate their 25 year partnership - KANE was the first 3PL to work with Sam's Club (1991)

September 2018

KANE expands operations in Pennsylvania, Georgia and California

March 2019

Kane Is Able Announces Investment by Harkness Capital Partners