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Northeast Distribution Services

northeast distribution

With approximately 3 million square feet of space across our Scranton and Allentown campuses, KANE's Northeast distribution services are both powerful and adaptive to your company's needs.  Our award-winning logistics services integrate our expansive Northeast warehouse footprint with full distribution, contract packaging, and transportation services.  

Benefits of KANE's Northeast distribution services incllude:

  • One-day delivery to 80 million consumers.  KANE’s Scranton, PA, campus is served by five interstates, including I-81, I-80 and I-84, providing delivery, in six hours or less, to Portland, ME, Washington, DC, Toronto, Canada, Pittsburgh, PA - and everywhere in between.
  • Load consolidation for reduced freight costs.  KANE is the industry leader in collaborative distribution.  We bring together middle-market consumer goods manufacturers to share Northeast warehouse and truck space to save as much as 35% on distribution costs.
  • Rail access.  Customers cut inbound freight costs by shipping to KANE on Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific, both Class 1 railroads (freight comes to KANE via short line – Reading & Northern Railroad).  An intermodal ramp is located less than one-half mile from KANE’s PA warehouse campus.
  • Food-grade storage.  All campus facilities are temperature and humidity-controlled for FDA-compliant, food logistics services.   
  • Integrated warehousing, packaging and transportation solution.  Having one 3PL provider for storage, contract packaging and delivery means fewer touch points, shorter cycle times and clear accountability.
  • Variable costs.  Pay only for the space and services you need.  Perfect for economically managing seasonal volume spikes.
  • Scalable for future expansion.  With multiple Northeast distribution centers in Scranton and Allentown PA and 8 million square feet of total warehouse space across all regions of the U.S., KANE can support your short-term and long-term growth.
  • Available space.  Immediate occupancy.

Flexible dedicated and shared warehousing solutions

We operate 6 million square feet of warehousing distribution space, with facilities in every region of the U.S. 

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