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Sam's Club Visits KANE's Ohio Cross Dock

Kane Logistics | March 20, 2020

March 5, 2020 -- On Thursday, March 19th, Kane Logistics Sam’s Club 6492 received a wonderful visit from the local Sam’s Club management team, which included the following: 

Carmen Kingston: Regional Vice President for Sam’s Club Northeast U.S.
Tim Martin: Market Manager (Market 33)
Shane Haynie: Club Manager 6317 N. Canton, OH
Joseph Dial: Senior Manager, Compliance
April Prideau: Senior Field People Partner

The Sam’s Club team stopped by the busy cross dock facility to show their appreciation for what DC 6492 is doing for the Sam’s Club members and to provide goodie bags for the drivers and associates.

Sams OH 2-1

Carmen Kingston recognized one of our dock supervisors, Hope Albano, and presented her with a Super Woman pin (pictured right). Carmen took it off of her own badge and presented it to Hope.

It was an uplifting visit. The Sam’s Club team walked the entire dock, thanking the associates for all the work they have been doing to support Sam’s through this COVID-19 event. It was an incredible display of business solidarity and a testament to the almost 30-year strong partnership Kane Logistics shares with Sam’s Club.

Jason Brown (Director, Operations, Kane Logistics) shared the feedback he received from Derek Jemeyson (DJ). DJ is the Senior Director – Distribution Operations for Sam’s Club.

This is awesome. RGM (regional general manager) Carmen just popped into our Ohio cross dock (operated by Kane) to appreciate what our team is doing to support them. Brought goodie bags. Great leadership on her part! We are appreciated by our Club partners.

What all of you do matters more than ever right now. Keep up the great job.

You are a Rock star, so is your team 😊


Sams OH 4-1

Pictured left to right: Shane Haynie - Sam’s Club 6317 N. Canton, OH GM, Chuck Ikey - Sam’s OH DC Facility Manager, Jason Brown, Hope Albano - 1st Shift Supervisor Sam’s OH DC, Carmen Kingston - Regional VP, Sam’s Club NE, Tim Martin - Market Manager (Market 33) Sam’s Club