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Kane Is Able Names Richard McDuffie COO

Kane Logistics | June 26, 2019

Kane Is Able has named Richard McDuffie Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately. McDuffie brings close to thirty years of supply chain expertise spanning the retail, manufacturing, and 3PL industries. 

McDuffie is an accomplished operations and supply chain executive with extensive knowledge in strategic planning, transportation and fleet management, warehouse operations management, supply chain systems integration, and collaborative program development.

Richard McduffiePrior to joining KANE, McDuffie was the Chief Operating Officer and board member of Dunavant Enterprises, Inc., one of the largest privately held commodity merchants in the world. Additionally, McDuffie held senior logistics roles at AutoZone and Williams-Sonoma, as well as various executive roles at Cardinal Logistics, JB Hunt, and Ryder.

“Richard is an excellent addition to the Kane Is Able team,” said Gardner. “Given his successful and extensive background, Richard will be instrumental in driving our continued operational performance.”

McDuffie received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Mississippi State University. He is a board member of Tankspan Leasing Ltd., a past member and board chair for Bridges USA, and currently serves as board chair for St. Georges Independent School.

McDuffie will report to KANE President & CEO, Mike Gardner.