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Pennsylvania Educators Visit KANE to Learn About Logistics Careers

Kane Logistics | November 12, 2019

Scranton, PA, November 12, 2019 – KANE recently hosted 5 Scranton-area teachers for a multi-day program designed to expose educators to various career options. Participants can choose to explore a wide range of professions. KANE was one of several sites that educators could visit to learn about careers in logistics and supply chain.

kane-educators-in-workplace-with-captionPennsylvania’s Educators in the Workplace program gives school teachers, counselors and administrators the workplace experiences necessary to develop an understanding of diverse career options and competencies required of their students. Educators who participate in the program gain knowledge in the practical, real-world applications relevant to their subject area.

According to KANE Senior Director of Marketing, Alex Stark, KANE invests a good bit of time to put together a thorough orientation for the educators in all aspects of the business. “We host the visit because we want to support an important community program, but for us it also makes good business sense. Most of our associates here in Scranton attended the schools who participate in this program, so it’s a way for us to spread the word on the great career opportunities that exist in logistics, and at KANE.”