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KANE's Alex Stark to Speak at 3PL Value Creation Summit

Kane Logistics | October 19, 2020

At Armstrong & Associates' yearly North American 3PL Value Creation Summit, KANE's senior director of marketing, Alex Stark, will be part of panel of experts for a session entitled "Key Trends in Food & Beverage Logistics," to be held Thursday, October 22 at 2 pm CST. 

Alex Stark of Kane LogisticsThe event brings together high-level 3PL executives, investment community leaders and freight tech innovators to discuss current trends and opportunities in the third party logistics industry.  This year's conference will be virtual.

Alex's 20-year career in logistics has spanned distribution center operations, marketing and business development. During that time, he has developed a keen understanding of the logistics needs of brands in the food and beverage industry − one of Kane Logistics' primary target markets.  

Learn more about this panel and about registering for the Armstrong conference here.