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Supply Chain Challenges

KANE Recognized for Green Supply Chain

Alex Stark | November 09, 2015

Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine has named Kane Is Able a 2015 Green Supply Chain Award winner, recognizing KANE's efforts to make sustainability a core part of its supply cKANE recognized for green supply chainhain strategy.  

Winners were named by the magazine's editors after careful evaluation of entries by numerous companies outlining their sustainability program's strategy, implementation and impact.

KANE's sustainability efforts include:

  • Gained early certification from the EPA SmartWay® Program
  • Updated to more fuel-efficient trucks
  • Leverage Tier 1 transportation management system to optimize freight runs
  • Run industry-leading freight consolidation program to deliver the same volume of freight in fewer, fuller trucks
  • Implemented T5 lighting in distribution centers, with motion detectors
  • Manage an aggressive recycling program for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum