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KANE Named Top Green 3PL

Kane Logistics | July 19, 2021

Inbound Logistics recently named Kane Logistics among 75 companies that go above and beyond to ensure their global supply chains are sustainable, and that their operations are socially and environmentally friendly. The G75 list is compiled annually by Inbound Logistics editors.

 top green 3PLsKANE's green initiatives include:

  • Fuel reduction.  Advanced systems are used to optimize delivery routes to minimize time and miles.  KANE has been a SmartWay member since 2006 and utilizes the most modern, fuel-efficient trucks.
  • Energy-efficient lighting.  High-efficiency, high-bay LED replacement fixtures were installed in
    warehouses and LED retrofit lamps were installed in existing fixtures in offices and
    parking areas. The investment has improved safety through better lighting and also sharply reduced energy use in facilities.  
  • Recycling. Since 2012, Kane has recycled 65.7 tons of paper, 85,239 tons of plastic/stretch wrap, 738,060 tons of cardboard, 101.2 tons of cans/bottles, 14.3 tons of steel, 191.8 tons of wood, and 87.7 tons of additional commingled materials.