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3PL Outsourcing

KANE Named Top Provider by Transport Topics

Alex Stark | May 07, 2018

Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. (KANE) has been named as a Top 50 Warehousing Firm and a Top 50 Dedicated Contract Carrier of 2018 in Transport Topics magazine.

KANE’s national distribution network continues to experience tremendous growth across the United States with distribution centers located in all major markets. KANE ranked twenty-fourth in the Top Dry Storage Warehousing Firm category. KANE’s mission of dependable people, exceptional logistics drives our business to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Kane Is Able placed forty-seventh in the Top Dedicated Contract Carriers category, providing dry and specialized dedicated transportation services to manufacturers and partners from a variety of industries including food, beverage, retail, industrial, wine and spirits. In an outsourced services environment, culture matters. KANE’s approach to customer service is embodied in the KANE Code, our operating philosophy on delighting our customers.

Kane Is Able helps manufacturers and their retail partners efficiently and effectively distribute goods throughout the United States. KANE’s value-added logistics services include retail consolidation, contract packaging, fulfillment, and logistics workforce management.