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KANE Named to Top 3PL List by Global Trade Magazine

Alex Stark | November 19, 2013

top 3pl firms in the U.S.

November 19, 2013 – Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. (KANE -- http://www.kaneisable.com) has been named to the list of top 3PL firms in the U.S. for "Best for Small & Midsize Companies" by Global Trade Magazine. The companies were selected by the editors in partnership with Armstrong and Associates, the nation's leading 3PL market research and consulting firm as part of a feature article, "America's Leading 3PLs." 

The lead photo to the article highlighted KANE, noting, "Kane Is Able, like the other companies on this list, can handle logistics for mega retailers like Walmart—which, incidentally, it does. Think about what that range offers your small business."

The description of KANE read, in part, "Kane has grown into a full-service 3PL… making it more than capable to work with the likes of PepsiCo, Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble. Still, Kane sees a major part of its mission as serving the needs of mid-size, consumer product goods companies, understanding such companies require a logistics partner as much as a provider."

The list of 3PLs "Best for Small & Midsize Companies" includes:

  • Allen Lund Company
  • Echo Global Logistics Inc.
  • Evans Distribution Systems
  • Hartsfield Warehouse
  • Kane Is Able, Inc.
  • Landstar Supply Chain Solutions
  • LEGACY Supply Chain Services
  • LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions
  • MD Logistics
  • ProTrans International



Kane Is Able is a third-party logistics provider that helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies efficiently distribute goods throughout the United States. KANE's value-added CPG logistics services include integrated distribution, packaging, and transportation solutions specially designed to meet the needs of CPG manufacturers and their retail partners. Visit KANE at www.kaneisable.com