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KANE Company News

Kane Is Able to Distribute Sports Nutrition Products from Nutrabolt

Alex Stark | March 04, 2015

March 4, 2015 - KANE and sports nutrition company, Nutrabolt, have signed a long-term agreement for logistics support. KANE will provide both manufacturing logistics and product distribution and fulfillment support for Nutrabolt, one of INC 5000’s fastest growing American companies.

KANE will operate two large logistics operations for Nutrabolt in Atlanta, GA and Salt Lake City, UT, both close to the company’s contract manufacturing partners.

The Atlanta operation will integrate into KANE’s existing Southeast warehouse campus, while the Salt Lake City operation will be a dedicated facility that will further expand KANE’s footprint in the West. Operations will require temperature-controlled space and strict management of expiration dates and first-in, first-out stock rotation.

KANE was chosen after a very competitive bid process.  According to Justin Woodall, Nutrabolt’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, “First and foremost we sought professional capabilities in warehousing and distribution. But another key element of our selection criteria was finding a good culture match. In KANE, we’re confident that Nutrabolt has a partner that will adapt to our rapidly changing needs and be ready for anything that comes, including things we can’t see now and could never anticipate.”