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Kane Is Able Offers Retail Consolidation Services for the Atlanta Market

Alex Stark | January 24, 2014

Kane Is Able Offers Retail Consolidation Services for the Atlanta Market 1

January 24, 2014 – Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. (KANE) offers retail consolidation services at its tier 1, multi-client Atlanta warehouse for consumer goods manufacturers and their retail partners.

As distribution volumes change due to seasonal spikes, retail promotions, and other factors, KANE's retail consolidation program gives companies a powerful, adaptive distribution capability – with no capital investment. KANE's facility is located just minutes from all of Atlanta's major interstates, including I-20, I-285, I-75, I-85, and Georgia 400, and it has direct rail access via CSX railroad. The dry, climate-controlled, food-grade space is AIB Superior, and it is certified by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Kane Is Able Offers Retail Consolidation Services for the Atlanta Market 2KANE is a national leader in collaborative distribution and shared distribution services. Its retail consolidation program offers a number of benefits:

  • Lower distribution costs. Pay only for what you need – logistics becomes a variable expense where costs parallel your revenue stream.
  • Reduce risk and capital investment. Leverage KANE's investments in warehouses, trucks and technology and channel your capital to support your core business.
  • Streamline and simplify distribution. KANE can be your single-source partner for integrated warehousing and freight delivery, eliminating the time and cost involved in coordinating multiple providers.
  • Collaborate and save. Share warehouse costs and consolidate freight with other KANE customers shipping to the same retailers.
  • Improve customer service and lower freight costs. Use our national distribution network to place your product closer to customers.

Click on the overview (pdf) to learn more.

About KANE

Kane Is Able is a third-party logistics provider that helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies efficiently distribute goods throughout the United States. KANE's value-added CPG logistics services include integrated distribution, packaging, and transportation solutions specially designed to meet the needs of CPG manufacturers and their retail partners. Visit KANE at www.kaneisable.com.