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Kane Logistics featured in recent Inbound Logistics article

Kane Logistics | March 05, 2021

Inbound Logistics magazine recently explored how a relationship with a 3PL has helped major brands navigate difficult logistics challenges during the pandemic.  Check out the article

Inbound-Logistics-FeaturedKANE's client, Traeger Grills, was interviewed for the article and talked about the explosion of direct-to-consumer orders that started in 2020 and continues today. Director of logistics and distribution Michael Davis credits Traeger's partnership with KANE as a key factor in meeting the challenge.

"Some bigger 3PLs are slower to move," Michael says. "In contrast, Kane—like Traeger—has demonstrated responsiveness and flexibility amid growth in 2020. These qualities will be key, given Traeger's forecasts of another year of double-digit sales increases."

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