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KANE Earns Award from ALAN

Alex Stark | November 10, 2017

KANE ALAN Award CSCMP-311919-edited.jpg

Kane Is Able is honored to have received the 2017 Employee Engagement award from the American Logistics Aid Network. (ALAN). The award was presented at the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) conference in Atlanta, GA.


When disaster strikes, it takes a collaborative effort from multiple organizations to quickly provide emergency services and assistance. The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) was created to help facility this process and deliver humanitarian relief needed whenever these events occur. 

“As logistics professionals, we all have tremendous power to make a positive impact on those who’ve experienced disasters,” said Michael Gardner, President & CEO of KANE. “As a founding ALAN member, KANE recognized early-on the unique capabilities of supply chain professionals to support disaster relief in ways that highlight their strengths and engage their business interests.  Today, as a member of ALAN’s Board of Directors, I am proud to say that our strategy for providing aid plays a pivotal roll in meeting the needs of relief organizations, communities and people in need throughout the United States.”

About ALAN

The American Logistics Aid Network is comprised of experts in transportation, warehousing, cold storage, and distribution, who use their logistics expertise to locate and transport goods to multiple locations.  ALAN’s ability to quickly provide solutions increases relief capacity which means much needed items get to those who need them.