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KANE Associates Receive Six Sigma Green Belt certification

Alex Stark | May 16, 2014

Kane Is Able Enhances Its Continuous Improvement Program with 34 Six Sigma Graduates

May 16, 2014 - Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. (KANE -- www.kaneisable.com) today announced that 34 associates attained their Six Sigma Green Belt certification in early May from Villanova University, acknowledged as one of the premier Lean and Six Sigma education centers in the country. 

Six Sigma training is part of a comprehensive continuous improvement curriculum for KANE associates, from senior management and operations staff to sales, finance and other department managers. These 34 associates will begin their eight-week Lean training in June.

Craig Miller, MBA, CSSBB, director of continuous improvement, coordinates KANE's Lean Six Sigma training program. According to Miller, in 2014 more than 150 KANE leaders, including the entire management team, will complete training programs in both the Six Sigma and Lean methods and tools.  

"KANE has long used the best techniques from Lean and Six Sigma in its operations," says Miller. "Recently, we decided to formalize the continuous improvement program, using Villanova as a strategic education partner, and broaden participation to all KANE departments. This program is just one example of where KANE is putting money behind our commitment to bring efficiency and innovation to our customers' operations."

Lean principles reduce waste and streamline processes. Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. When implemented together, Lean accelerates Six Sigma – solving problems and improving processes becomes faster and more efficient. The discipline promotes business and operational excellence, and it serves as a foundation for innovation.

About KANE

Kane Is Able is a third-party logistics provider that helps consumer goods manufacturers and their retail partners efficiently and effectively distribute goods throughout the United States. KANE's value-added services include integrated distribution, workforce management, packaging, and transportation solutions. Visit KANE at www.kaneisable.com.