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Kane Logistics -- "I Wear Because I Care"

Kane Logistics | August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020 -- At Kane Logistics, we have built our 90-year history on the foundation of the Kane Code. It's part operating guide, part philosophical framework for handling our business. At its core, it's about taking care of both our customers and our associates. Treating them like family, because they are.  

During the coronavirus pandemic, we've been working to keep our essential, dependable associates safe and healthy, while providing exceptional logistics to our customers. We know that we are living in challenging, even scary times. It's easy to give in to the noise. Feeding into the downward spiral of negativity.

We choose instead to find and accentuate the positive. Our leadership discusses daily how we can all best emphasize the good, while encouraging each other to model behaviors we hope to see throughout our operations.

Starting next week, we plan to highlight some of our associates' responses to the pandemic.

It's reassuring to know, if we all stand united we can help each other stay strong -- making it to the other side of this. Be kind, be careful, be yourself.


I wear because I care -- about your health and mine-1