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KANE Company News

Boise Cascade presents Kane is Able with 3PL of the Year Award

Alex Stark | December 13, 2016

 December 13, 2016 – KANE has received Boise Paper’s 2016 3PL of the Year Award for best overall distribution center performance. The award recognizes operational excellence in logistics throughout Boise Paper’s physical distribution system.

Boise Paper has 23 distribution centers (DCs) in its U.S. network. Annually, the company’s supply chain and logistics leadership team rates and ranks these operations on nine key operational measures:  customer service, shipping and receiving accuracy, process adherence, ease of doing business, IT interface, business relationship, transportation, product handling and storage, and inventory accuracy. On these measures, KANE outperformed Boise Paper’s other third party logistics (3PL) providers to earn the 3PL of the Year award for excellence in logistics.

The award was presented to KANE’s Allentown warehouse and Atlanta warehouse, both key distribution points in Boise Paper’s network. 

Howard Lortz, Director of Supply Chain for Boise, said. “Congratulations to Kane Is Able’s associates on this well-deserved honor. Our scorecarding process has provided a very effective way for Boise to assess performance quality across providers. The providers themselves are all anxious to do well and earn the top provider spot. Once a company receives the award, it’s amazing to witness the drive to want to get it again.”  

Commenting on the award, Kane Is Able President and CEO, Mike Gardner said, “This is a great example of our associates’ working philosophy of sweating the details, avoiding surprises, and honoring our word. We appreciate our partnership with Boise Paper and we thank them for this recognition. I know our associates think of Boise Paper as part of our family, and it makes me proud that we treat them as such.”