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January 09, 2020 - KANE Names COO and SVP of Distribution & Operations

January 9, 2020 -- KANE has named two veteran logistics industry executives to lead its operations team. Effective immediately, Patrick Coughlin is Chief Operating Officer and John Kettman is Senior Vice President, Distribution & Operations. Coughlin will report to KANE President & CEO, Mike Gardner. 

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January 02, 2020 - KANE Named a Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL for 2020

Scranton, PA, January 2, 2020 – Kane Is Able has been named a MCM Top 3PL for 2020, joining dozens of other leading third-party logistics (3PL) providers selected by Multichannel Merchant in its fifth annual listing. The award recognizes 3PLs with expertise in omni-channel distribution.

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