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KANE Assists With Hurricane Relief

Alex Stark | September 08, 2017

Untitled design (4).pngKane Is Able is proud to be supporting both local and national relief efforts to aid those in need after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. 

Partnering with the Borough of Archbald, PA, KANE has donated a trailer which is being used to collect items for residents of Texas and Florida and the surrounding areas. Once filled, the trailer will be driven to the affected areas and items provided to those in need. 

Items from cleaning supplies to personal care, blankets and bedding, diapers, and first aid supplies may be dropped off at the KANE trailer at the Archbald Borough Building Monday through Friday between 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. For more information, please call Archbald Mayor Barrett at (570) 498.9398. 

Additionally, ALAN (American Logistics Aid Network) was founded by several professional and trade associations, including Kane Is Able, who came together after Hurricane Katrina to help provide humanitarian relief. Today, ALAN comprises hundreds of supply-chain businesses who stand poised to respond in the event of disasters. KANE is working with the organization to provide additional relief to those affected by devastating weather.