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Manufacturing Logistics Support

When it comes to logistics challenges of consumer goods products, the focus tends to be on outbound distribution to retailers and how to provide on-demand replenishment to retailers, while keeping inventory under control.

Far too little attention is focused on supply logistics for the consumer goods manufacturers. But there are big dollar savings to be found by optimizing the movement and management of raw materials to production facilities.


KANE’s manufacturing logistics services manage the flow of raw materials and packaging to the manufacturing line.  Materials are received and stored at KANE’s inbound logistics warehouse, where inventory is managed and shuttled to the plant within precise time windows. For some customers, KANE’s support team is located within the manufacturing plant.

Why KANE for Inbound Logistics Services?

  • Experience. We support multiple manufacturing operations, one of which operates 24/7 and churns out 15.8 million cases annually.
  • Integrated services. Expertise in warehousing, packaging and transportation provides a single-source solution for plant support.
  • Tier 1 systems. For warehouse management, transportation management and labor management. Our systems contribute to efficient, fully optimized operations.
  • Advanced value-added services. From preventative maintenance on sophisticated equipment to treating recycled materials and readying them for reuse, KANE can take on the most complex processes.

Our success in improving cost and service performance is linked directly to the collaborative partnership between P&G and KANE staff.

-Quality Leader, P&G

manufacturing logistics services

Benefits of inbound logistics services

  • Maximize production space. Store supplier materials at a lower-cost, off-site warehouse.
  • Increase production efficiency. Receive materials only when needed and in ready condition.
  • Postpone inventory ownership and improve cash flow. Let us help you implement a vendor-managed inventory program.
  • Reduce risk. With millions of dollars at stake if a line goes down, our staff is available 24 hours a day to ensure needed materials are available.
  • Reduce labor costs for a non-core function. Don’t have valuable assembly workers unpacking boxes and searching for parts and materials. Let KANE people do this prep work cheaper and more efficiently.

Manufacturing Services Spotlight


Proter & Gamble

This Fortune 100 wanted to focus its resources on making and marketing its popular products. They chose KANE

to manage a comprehensive program of support for a large plant operating 24/7. In addition to managing and delivering raw materials to the line, KANE performs a wide range of value added services, including quality testing products and vehicle maintenance.

Of the 14 sites in P&G’s North American manufacturing and distribution center network, KANE’s inbound operation consistently earns “top three” honors in the network. KANE efforts have also helped to improve overall efficiency and reduce it’s the operation’s Recordable Incident Rate from 16.1 to 0.

Additional Inbound Logistics Services

  • Receiving, storage and management of raw material and packaging. Tight control over this function ensures the right materials are available to support uninterrupted production.
  • Line delivery. Real-time movement of goods in response to pull signals. KANE performs shuttle services when the operation is not in-plant.
  • QA testing of finished goods. KANE performs this critical role throughout the day in labs equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment.
  • Storeroom operations. In one plant, KANE manages over 6 million SKUs, including parts for manufacturing equipment and general supplies.
  • Maintenance of all plant equipment. This could include anything from robots to forklifts to manufacturing equipment.

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