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Free Download: Managing Logistics Relationships Through Embedded 3PLs

Changes are needed that allow 3PLs to become strategically embedded in their customers' organizations, with full access to long-range business and supply chain plans

wp-managing-logistics-outsourcing-relationshipsCurrent models for managing outsourced logistics relationships limit the ability of 3PLs to drive innovation that their customers crave. In this document, you will learn why as we examine multiple relationship types:

1. Tactical 3PL RelationshipsKey 3PL contacts work across multiple clients within 3PL's sales and operations groups. They are responsible for managing the relationship and all operations run by the 3PL for these clients

2. Strategic 3PL Relationships: Dedicated 3PL account manager is a primary liaison between client. The account manager manages the relationship as part of a 3PL's sales organization.

3. Embedded 3PL Relationships3PL resources dedicated to client's business and co-located at client facility. Acts as a seamless extension of client's internal supply chain organization.



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