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Supply Chain Whitepapers

Managing Freight in a Tight Capacity Market

7 bold steps shippers can take to ensure freight capacity in a seller’s market.


Safety In Logistics Operations

4 strategies to turn safety from a compliance-driven chore to a profit-driving opportunity.


The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

This quick-read eBook lists 12 best practices designed to elicit greatness from your 3PL.


How Lean Is Lean

This quick-read eBook reviews ways to make sure lean program management doesn't get in the way of getting the work done.


Labor Management Strategies in Logistics

This paper summarizes logistics executives' strategies for managing labor in the distribution center.


Look Who’s Riding the Rails

Changes have made rail a viable option for consumer product distribution and shippers are realizing the benefits.


Strategies to Reduce Logistics Costs in the Consumer Goods ...

Five strategy changes consumer goods manufacturers should consider for large savings.


Collaborative Distribution

How CPG manufacturers and retailers can save millions and embrace the green revolution.


Integrate Packaging with Distribution Operations

Paper explains how CPG companies can streamline supply chains by integrating final packaging into distribution ops.


Logistics for Mid-Sized CPG Companies

Mid-sized CPG companies can drive supply chain efficiencies despite a lack of systems capabilities and freight volumes.


Logistics Support for Trade Promotions

Trade promotions are a big, messy management challenge. This paper examines solutions to cleaning up the mess.