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logistics services for health and beauty aids

Compliant, omni-channel logistics services for health and beauty aids.

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Logistics Services for Health and Beauty Aids

KANE has experience providing logistics services for manufacturers of health and beauty products.  In this sector, high standards for facility cleanliness and inventory control demand a logistics partner that understands and can manage to FDA requirements for healthcare logistics.


We have experience shipping retail-compliant orders to mass retailers like Walmart, drug chains like CVS, and specialty stores for HBA products, such as Sephora, Ulta, Vitamin Shoppe, Anthropology, and others. Through KANE’s omni-channel fulfillment service, we can also handle your TV infomercial and eCommerce sales fulfillment.


Why KANE for HBA Logistics Support?

  • Integrated warehousing and retail delivery give you a single-source provider for HBA logistics
  • Advanced WMS system supports complex lot control and recalls
  • FDA-compliant warehouses are inspection-ready from day one
  • Value-added warehouse and contract packaging services, such as POP display building
  • Freight consolidation services reduce LTL costs for small to mid-sized companies
  • Advanced packaging services allow you to build kits and postpone final product configuration until just prior to shipping



P&G and KANE have a ‘work with’ attitude. The values of the two organizations are similar.
- Quality Leader, Procter & Gamble

Logistics Services for Health and Beauty Aids Spotlight


Procter & Gamble

P&G was experiencing huge demand for a new feminine care product. The company needed a way to ship bulk product from the factory and quickly convert it to packaged, shelf-ready condition. Enter KANE, which secured the specialized equipment and the FDA approval needed to handle Pharmaceutical Class 2 medical devices, all packaged in a clean room environment. Applying its extensive packaging experience, KANE was able to receive generic brown box cases of 1000 loose-packed units and quickly transform them into shelf-ready packages.


Result: the company kept pace with demand and gained market share in the competitive HBA market.

logistics services for health and beauty aids

HBA Companies Drive Freight Savings from “Coopetition”

Two manufacturers, one that makes popular suncare products and another that makes soap and bath products, compete against much larger companies within the personal care market. Both recognized a need to drive down high freight costs. With KANE’s help, they were able to leverage the significant overlap in their customer base by consolidating outbound shipments. All orders are entered into KANE’s load consolidation system to identify consolidation opportunities. Companies realized transportation savings of more than 25% by shifting from LTL to multi-stop truckload shipments and shortened delivery by as much as three days.

Routing Guide Compliance Services

Like many CPG companies, makers of HBA products struggle with the compliance requirements of the mass retailers and drug chains to whom they sell. The retailers levy “chargebacks” against suppliers to recoup costs for shipments that don’t meet established guidelines for delivery, labeling and other shipment specifications. While large CPG companies have vendor compliance departments, smaller firms lack these internal resources. KANE helps these HBA companies reduce chargebacks by assuring compliance to retailer routing guides and providing the detailed shipment data required to prove compliance. Chargeback reduction strategies include:

  • Monitor retailers’ routing guide changes
  • Audit outbound shipments to assure routing guide compliance
  • Provide data needed to refute faulty charges (e.g., delivery outside agreed time window)

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