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Logistics Quality Management

Are you looking for the best way to improve your cycle time?

Minimize customer response time and reduce unnecessary waste?

Do you want to maximize your operational efficiencies to save money and precious resources?

KANE makes the associate and training investments required to continually drive the bar higher on distribution performance. Our logistics quality management programs combine principles and methodologies from Lean and Kaizen to eliminate waste while driving continuous improvement throughout our operations.

Our associates are trained and certified in Lean and Kaizen methods and successfully apply them to drive efficiency. KANE maintains documented bottom-line savings from proactive quality improvement suggestions for our valued customers.

Benefits of Lean and Kaizen

  • Effectiveness – producing the intended or expected result
  • Efficiency – functioning in the best possible manner with the least amount of wasted time and effort
  • Innovation – solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs, and market needs in new ways

Logistics quality management features

  • A dedicated team focused on Continuous Improvement orchestrates training, manages Kaizen events, assigns and mentors projects, and tracks larger strategic efforts.
  • Strategic partnerships with institutions for Lean and Kaizen training for our associates
  • Quality training across all functions – operations, engineering, finance, sales, and accounting

In our logistics quality management efforts, we keep things simple. Our white paper, "How Lean is Lean?" reviews how the "lean" programs at many companies end up adding layers of bureaucracy instead of stripping away procedural waste. Consumer Logistics Blog Signup