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Logistics Outsourcing

When it comes to logistics outsourcing, culture matters.

You can’t afford to partner with a company of clock-watchers who see themselves as one step removed from your customers. You need team players that think and act as extensions of your company, sweating the details, pinching pennies, losing sleep – just like you would.  

That may not describe the logistics outsourcing teams you come across every day, but it does accurately portray the kind of culture we have cultivated at KANE since 1930.  Those team players are the kinds of people we employ. 

Our approach to customer service is embodied in the KANE Code, which reflects the legacy of Gene Kane, Sr., an accomplished businessman, logistics professional and, above all else, a gentleman.

Check out our latest video on the KANE culture.





  1. Keep safety first. Your family, your colleagues and your customers count on you.

  2. Sweat the details. If you don’t, customers will find someone who will.

  3. Honor your word. Never make promises you can’t keep.

  4. Avoid surprises. Customers hate them. Communicate quickly, good news or bad.

  5. Treat customers and associates like family. Because they are.

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