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Logistics Articles

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Logistics Partnering 
How close collaboration between KANE and AGFA Graphics leads to great results and a happy customer.

logistics articles

Nourishing a Healthy Suppy Chain 
Partnership with KANE
helps nutritional products company grow, while staying lean and fiscally fit.


Collaborative Logistics
KANE was featured in this Inbound Logistics story for its leadership in driving more freight consolidation in the grocery supply chain.


Logistics Sweet Spot: Georgia
KANE was featured in this Inbound Logistics story on Georgia’s growth as a logistics hub.

logistics articles

A Comeback for Dedicated Contract Carriage
In this op-ed, KANE’s Larry Catanzaro shares that, as capacity tightens, more and more shippers are turning to asset-based carriers to keep their freight moving.

Freight Consolidation Program Pays Off Big for Sun-Maid

Freight Consolidation Pays Off for Sun-Maid 
This fruit processor needed to reduce LTL costs. Read how KANE used freight consolidation strategy drive down costs.

WERC Maximize Workplace Productivity

Maximizing Workforce Productivity – WERC Sheet 
KANE"s Gary Griffith offers 10 tips to getting the most from your distribution center workforce.

Guardian Sustainable Business

Shared shipping strategy is gaining ground 
KANE was featured in this mainstream business article on making collaborative shipping work to save time and freight costs.

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The Impact of New HOS Rules on Driver Turnaround Time
In this Op-Ed piece in Transport Topics magazine, Larry Catanzaro explains why the new Hours of Service rules make the issue of improved driver turnaround time critically important.

DC Velocity's Rain Makers

DC Velocity's Rainmakers - Chris Kane
Chris Kane is featured as one of DC Velocity's Rainmakers, an annual selection of individuals who are making a contribution to the logistics field.

Solving the Trucking Capacity Crunch

Solving the Trucking Capacity Crunch
Chris Kane sat down with Inbound Logistics to discuss the current crunch in trucking capacity. How can the transportation industry solve this issue?

An Enlightened Approach to Distribution

An Enlightened Approach to Distribution
In this article written for Supply Chain Quarterly, Chris Kane discusses the need to reinvent how CPG products get to market. 


Collaborative Distribution

Creating a 21st Century Distribution Model
In this Transport Topics opinion piece, Chris Kane makes a case for replacing the "broken" company-centric product distribution model we use today with...

DC Velocity Nothing To Sneeze At

CPG Focus: Savings Nothing To Sneeze At
In this DC Velocity article, KANE's valued partner, Kimberly-Clark, shares the cost saving processes they developed in their 'Network of the Future' logistics distribution design.

SCB G3 Enterprises Caters to the Logistics Needs of Wine/Spirits Industry

G3 Enterprises Caters to the Logistics Needs of Wine, Spirits Industry
KANE business partner Q&A session from Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies magazine.

Inbound Logistics Customer Service

Inbound Logistics Customer Service Connection
Customer service in today's retail supply chain involves all players -- suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and carriers. 

Has Collaborative Distribution's Time Come?

Has Collaborative Distribution's Time Come?
For all its potential, the "collaborative distribution" concept has yet to live up to its billing. Some say that's about to change.

Kimberly-Clark's Network of the Future

Kimberly-Clark's Future: Made to Order, Shipped to Order
This article discusses KANE's role in providing integrated packaging and distribution services for Kimberly-Clark. 

The State of Supply Chain Execution

The State of Supply Chain Execution
Industry thought leaders address the current challenges and trends that consumer goods (CG) manufacturers face when it comes to supply chain execution (SCE).