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Integrate data between all partners in a connected supply chain.


KANE Logistics Technology

KANE’s logistics technology platform transmits, translates and integrates data between all partners in a connected supply chain. Key system components include:


  • Warehousing and Distribution. KANE’s tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes every aspect of our warehousing and distribution operations including inventory management, pick and pack services, receiving, shipping, and tracking.  We have established a modern platform for data exchange and collaboration, though we are flexible enough to cater to any customer data exchange preference, from manual to EDI to XML. 
  • Transportation. KANE’s transportation management systems support efficient execution of truckload deliveries, cross docking, load consolidation, freight brokerage, and full outsourced transportation management.  KANE uses Tier-1 systems from TMW (OTR freight optimization) and BluJay Solutions (load consolidation and transportation management) to manage on-time, efficient delivery of freight with complete visibility. 
  • Visibility Portal. Customers can monitor inventory and shipments in real-time, via the web, from their desktop or mobile device. KANE’s secure portal supports creation of event-based alerts, as well as standard and custom reports on activity and performance.


Benefits of KANE’s Logistics Technology Infrastructure

  • Stay in the know and in control, with web access to real-time shipment status and performance reports
  • Make faster, better decisions
  • Lower costs through optimal routing, load consolidation and other freight transportation strategies, as well as optimal space and labor utilization
  • Avoid seven-figure investments in systems and training


Logistics Technology Overview

KANE'S systems platform automates, translates and integrates data between all partners in a connected supply chain. 


Logistics Technology

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