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Industrial Logistics

KANE has your industrial logistics needs covered.

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Support for Industrial Logistics Solutions

In addition to logistics services for fast moving consumer goods, KANE has experience serving manufacturers of building components, appliances and many other types of industrial products.

  • For a global maker of HVAC systems, KANE performs final product customization on the warehouse floor and adheres to rigid serial number tracking requirements.
  • For a leading printing equipment manufacturer, KANE’s value-added services include use of a computerized saw in the warehouse to cut fiberboard for commercial printers.
  • For a large building products company, KANE stores oversized products in efficient outside storage and enables economical inbound rail transportation through KANE’s close proximity to an intermodal hub.

We’re confident that our new partnership with KANE will enable the level of service we seek for our customers.

-Integrated Supply Chain Leader, Dow Building Solutions

Industrial Logistics Services

Manufacturing logistics support, including storage and preparation of raw materials and components needed for industrial factory production

Advanced WMS to track items to the serial number level

Outside storage for some weather-resistant commodities

Final assembly services, where KANE associates modify a base unit to postpone creation of the final SKU

Freight transportation using KANE’s fleet or our Freight Brokerage unit.

Industrial Logistics Services Spotlight


Carrier, a world leader in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, needed a logistics partner to distribute its fast-growing line of ductless air conditioners into the Western U.S. KANE established a large-scale distribution operation from within its Southern California distribution campus. In addition to standard warehousing and distribution services, this industrial solution includes tight serial number tracking and product customization on the warehouse floor.


The solution has improved service to Carrier’s West Region customers and provided the company with a flexible warehousing solution that can expand and contract with seasonal volumes.

industrial logistics

Dow Building Solutions is a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company. The characteristics of the company’s insulation product allow much of it to be stored outdoors. For that reason, the company sought a logistics partner that could provide an economical outdoor storage solution, and one that was close to a Northeast intermodal ramp, since the product would be shipped in via rail. KANE’s Scranton, PA campus fit the bill since part of its 225-acre campus is less than two miles from a Norfolk Southern-operated intermodal terminal. The partnership helps Dow gain the economic and sustainability advantages of rail transportation, while still moving a high volume of product to market very quickly.

Industrial Logistics at KANE

KANE provides full supply chain support for industrial products, from raw material storage and lineside delivery to management of aftermarket parts to minimize downtime on critical machinery. We are experts in the things that matter most to you:

  • Tracking to the lot and serial number through our sophisticated WMS system
  • Handling of oversized items to prevent damage in transit or in the warehouse
  • Value-added work, such as pre-assembly of component parts for manufacturing
  • Safe, efficient inbound and outbound transportation

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