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90 years of safe, compliant food distribution services.


Food Warehouse and Logistics Services

Food logistics presents a variety of special challenges, from cold chain management to regulatory compliance. You want an experienced food warehouse and logistics partner that speaks the language, understands the requirements and can take the worry out of safe, compliant storage and shipping.

KANE handles a wide variety of food products, including candy, snack foods, dried fruit, canned goods, energy drinks and pet food. If the FDA regulates it, there’s a good chance we store and ship it.


Why KANE for Food Logistics Services?

  • Our experience gives you peace of mind—KANE is strategically focused on serving food manufacturers, and has been since our founding in 1930.


  • Knowledge of and adherence to all regulatory requirements reduces compliance concerns


  • An Advanced WMS system monitors the aging process and manages every last detail of recall events
  • Contract packaging services help reduce costs by postponing final product configuration until just prior to shipment. KANE operates large-scale packaging facilities for household-name food brands. 


KANE's customer-first culture, advanced technology, and experience with top consumer goods companies made them the best choice for our business.
- President, Materne North America

Food Warehouse and Logistics Services Spotlight


Leading Snack Food Company

Materne North America, makers of the popular GoGo squeeZ™ health snacks, had a problem most brands would love to have. When retailer demand for its products exploded, the company needed to open a new distribution center to service West Region customers. After a competitive search, Kane Logistics was chosen to run the facility, which handles well over a million cases a month.


KANE oversaw a seamless transition to the new facility. Within two weeks of the first load arriving, the facility was fully operational. In this video, Materne executives comment on the start-up.


Read the full case study.



Most product marketers these days sell online, and Nutrabolt sports nutrition supplements are no exception. KANE manages B2B and B2C shipping requirements for Nutrabolt out of multiple facilities.


As a result, the fast-growing company has:

  • Reduced order-to-ship time from 3 days to 24 hours
  • Reduced labor costs through process improvements and automation
  • Improved accuracy, which led to sharp reductions in customer complaints and inventory errors
  • Reduced truck miles traveled by 30% based on an optimized transportation network


Read the full case study

The Logisticians Guide to the Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is considered to be the most sweeping piece of food safety legislation since the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. The Act’s focus is on preventing food safety problems before they develop. 

Here are key provisions of FSMA as it relates to logistics:

  • Prior to the Act’s passage, the FDA needed “credible evidence” to trigger a recall. Now they need simply a “reason to believe” that public health may be compromised based on the absence of preventative measures anywhere along the food supply chain. That means that you and food logistics companies along the country's food supply chain must be able to quickly trace the source and final delivery point of food products.  
  • During the many years it took to formulate the FSMA, the FDA sought input from food and food logistics companies. As a result, the rule was revised to allow shippers to define the requirements for food warehouse and distribution operations.  

Here’s what the FDA said:

  • We believe the shipper is in the best position of the parties covered by this rule to know the appropriate specifications for transport of its food.

the government won’t dictate to you WHAT needs to happen to ensure safe food grade transport − only that you, as the shipper, need to define the plan and follow it, or else.  From the packaging plant and the warehouse to the loading dock and the truck, food logistics companies such as 3PLs can work with you to meet requirements throughout the entire supply chain.   Read more

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