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Data Flow and Visibility


KANE has created a systems platform to automate, translate and integrate data between all partners in a connected supply chain.  Using the most advanced translation and integration software available, data moves easily between our WMS and TMS systems and customers, carriers and retailers. 

Benefits of KANE's platform for data flow and visibility

  • Get fast, efficient transmission of data to facilitate collaborative commerce

  • Speed implementation of outsourcing projects – no frustrating delays due to "systems issues"
  • Improve inventory management through faster visibility to in-transit inventory
  • Reduce chargebacks and improve vendor scorecard rankings

  • Reduce costs – faster access to accurate data leads to better decisions

Features of the KANE data flow environment

  • Flexibility. Support for EDI, XML, flat files, spreadsheets, and direct database read/write. Support for FTP, secure FTP, and AS2 data transport mechanisms.
  • Visibility. Monitor real-time EDI transactions and create automated alerts and reports. Gain real-time visibility to inventory in the warehouse and on the move – from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Simplicity. Our proven integration tools make it easier to migrate and share data without the involvement of systems professionals. 
  • Collaborative. Create seamless, automated data workflows between internal and external systems.