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Better Manage Changing Requirements for Final Packaging


Contract packaging services

Kane Logistics’ custom product packaging solutions help large food and beverage manufacturers efficiently manage the constantly changing requirements for final packaging. Kane can manage discreet packaging operations, as well as integrate packaging into the wider distribution operation, to cut factory-to-shelf cycle time and reduce combined distribution, packaging and transportation costs.


It’s simply not efficient for large manufacturers to finalize packaging in the plant. KANE’s highly flexible packaging model quickly adapts to retailers’ changing requirements. Most of our packaging operations are co-located within the distribution warehouse to reduce supply chain time and touch points.

Read our white paper on integrating packaging with distribution operations.


Why KANE for custom product packaging?

  • Experience running high-volume, high-quality packaging operations. We bring best-practice performance based on our experience building a wide range of packaging configurations.  
  • Food industry focus. Most KANE packaging customers are in the food industry. Our operations, processes and systems are FDA compliant, with lot-level traceability in the event of recalls.
  • Holistic approach. We work across functional teams, examining how package and display design impacts downstream requirements to build and transport the display.
  • Think like a manufacturer. Most 3PLs run packaging like a like a labor provider, focusing primarily on inbound and outbound volumes. KANE runs packaging more like a manufacturing process, looking at line balancing, equipment effectiveness (OEE), and the hour-by-hour performance of each line. We carefully examine key packaging metrics and feed you the data required to continuously improve the process.
  • Nimble, flexible operating model. Staff are cross-trained in multiple functions and we make strategic use of outside labor to economically manage volume fluctuations.

Kane Logistics contract packaging services  

  • Display design/manufacture/assembly, including end caps, PDQ shelf units, power wings, floor stands and clip strips
  • Clamshell/Blister pack/Folding box
  • Bagging/Sealing
  • Tray wrapping
  • Custom pallets
  • Case gluing
  • Coupons/Rebate forms
  • Kitting
  • Cartoning
  • Labeling
  • Rework/Repack
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Test samples

The KANE team has
been instrumental in helping
Materne achieve our growth

- President, Materne North America

KANE Contract Packaging Services Benefits

  • Lower costs. Achieve supply chain synergies through a holistic approach to managing warehousing, transportation and packaging functions.
  • Speed cycle time. Up to 7 days through reduction in supply chain touch points.
  • Continuously improve. Rely on KANE to monitor packaging KPIs and proactively suggest better ways.
  • Stay compliant. Strict adherence to FDA and GFSI standards. 
  • Achieve a variable cost model. Flexibly adapt to retailers’ fluctuating demand.

One Facility for Distribution and Final Packaging

Kane Logistics provides the full breadth of packaging services, from design to completion.  Here, you see how KANE merges logistics and packaging disciplines into one integrated solution – in one facility/campus – to customize and distribute products to retail customers.

Contract Packaging Services

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