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Dedicated Contract Logistics Services for Warehousing

KANE contract logistics services include a turnkey solution for warehouse operations, including site location, warehouse design, staffing and facility operation. Our goal is to turn your distribution center into a competitive advantage through smarter, more efficient dedicated warehouse operations. KANE people act as an invisible extension of your brand – sweating the details and pinching pennies just as you would.


Some of the best-known brands in the CPG sector trust KANE to operate strategic warehouses on their behalf.

Why choose KANE to operate your dedicated warehouse?

  • Right location. For site selection, KANE works closely with a premier real estate partner to identify the best facility or greenfield site for your operation based on costs, available incentives and labor, and other considerations.  We conduct a detailed analysis to ensure you’re in the exact right location to optimize service and cost.
  • Custom warehouse design. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. After a thorough analysis, KANE’s dedicated engineering group will recommend the right technology and warehouse layout for your unique operation. We have used a range of automation options, from pick carousels to pick-to-light systems.
  • Strong, flexible systems. While Manhattan SCALE is our in-house WMS, we will and do operate on customers’ systems, if desired.
  • Proven start-up process. Transitions are managed seamlessly. Check out our process.  

The KANE-run DC is one of our flagship sites and we appreciate the staff’s focus on safety and flawless execution.

- Director of Distribution, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Benefits of using KANE’s contract logistics services

  •  Reduce costs. We typically find a minimum savings of 5-15% from process optimization to improve labor efficiency. KANE uses a tier-one labor management system from Manhattan Associates to maximize productivity on the warehouse floor.
  • Improve performance. KANE uses the Lean Six Sigma methodology to drive continuous improvement. We have invested in an in-house quality team to direct improvement projects. Many of those improvement projects are initiated by associates through our IdeaScale innovation process.
  • Focus on your core business. We assume full responsibility hiring, training and managing warehouse associates, including temporary workers for peak season volume.

Contract Logistics Spotlight



Kimberly-Clark was experiencing huge demand for a new feminine care product.  The product launch was so huge that the manufacturer struggled to meet customer demand.  The company needed a way to ship bulk product from the factory and quickly convert it to packaged, shelf-ready condition.  Enter KANE, which secured the specialized equipment and the FDA approval needed to handle Pharmaceutical Class 2 medical devices, all packaged in a clean room environment.  Applying its extensive packaging experience, KANE was able to receive generic brown box cases of 1000 loose-packed units and quickly transform them into shelf-ready packages


Result: the company kept pace with demand and gained market share in the competitive HBA market.


Procter & Gamble

 This Fortune 100 wanted to focus its resources on making and marketing its popular products. It chose KANE to manage a comprehensive program of support for a large plant operating 24/7. In addition to managing and delivering raw materials to the line, KANE performed a wide range of value added services, including quality testing products and vehicle maintenance.


Of the 14 sites in P&G’s North American manufacturing and distribution center network, KANE’s inbound logistics operation consistently earned “top three” honors in the network. KANE efforts also helped to improve overall efficiency and reduce the operation’s Recordable Incident Rate to 0.

Contract Logistics Services in Action


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