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Wine & Spirits: 6 tips to Reduce Product Damage in the Warehouse

Posted by Mike Kelly

Billions of dollars of product are lost each year to product and packaging damage in the grocery industry. Product damage is a particularly severe profit drain for wine and spirits manufacturers trying to keep a fragile product intact during the distribution journey from the bottling plant to the store shelf or doorstep.

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Topics: Warehouse Operations, Wine & spirits

Wine and Spirits Logistics

Posted by Kane Logistics

What country drinks the most wine and spirits in the world, per capita?

Drumroll, please….

According to Alcohol.com, it’s Belarus, followed by Lithuania, Grenada and the Czech Republic.

What 3PL distributes the most wine and spirits in the U.S.?

We’re not sure, but this year Kane Logistics will ship about 26 million cases of wine & spirits for its customers, building on our 30-year strategic focus on wine and spirits logistics. We recently sat down with two of KANE’s top operators for wine and spirits logistics – Richard Reilly and Mike Kelly – to discuss the top challenges associated with this type of product. Following are 7 priority challenges that they identified.

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Topics: Warehouse Operations, Food and Beverage Logistics, Wine & spirits

10 Tips To Streamline Your Wine and Spirits Distribution

Posted by Alex Stark

As a wine and spirits manufacturer, you are notoriously passionate about your craft and the quality of your products. You take great care to ensure that your output meets your high standards, as well as your customer’s demands. You are also concerned with wine and spirits distribution: ensuring that the product that leaves your facility is transported safely and efficiently, and is undiminished in quality by the time it reaches the glasses of your customers.

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Topics: Food and Beverage Logistics, Wine & spirits

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