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Multi-Channel Distribution: 10 Tips to Drive Efficiency

As the line between web and traditional retail store fulfillment blurs, brands need to assess their fulfillment capabilities and those of their 3PL multi-channel distribution partners. Consumers prefer to be channel agnostic. They want to c...
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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Consumer Goods Logistics

Kane Logistics | February 17, 2022

The 'Real' Cost of High Warehouse Turnover Rates

It costs $8,500 dollars to replace a warehouse worker. Sound like a lot? Well, that’s actually the low end. Calculating just the direct, trackable dollars, the cost to replace one warehouse worker can reach 25% of that worker’s salary. Usin...
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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer

This quick-read eBook lists 12 best practices designed to elicit greatness from your 3PL.


Safety In Logistics Operations

4 strategies to turn safety from a compliance-driven chore to a profit-driving opportunity.

Kane Logistics | January 19, 2022

Why You Should Move Secondary Packaging Closer to the Consumer

Much of the cost and complexity in CPG supply chains happens post manufacturing. Think about it. You might have one product – a potato chip – that gets packaged in dozens of ways. Historically, this final packaging has been handled as a dis...
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Topics: Consumer Goods Logistics, Warehouse Operations, Contract Packaging

Kane Logistics | May 13, 2021

The Keys to Great 3PL Customer Service: Interview with Jason Brown

Kane Logistics was recently named 3PL of the Year by Sam’s Club. KANE operates three high-volume distribution centers for Sam's Club. The award recognizes superior operational performance and customer service. We talked with Jason Brown, KA...
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Kane Logistics | December 17, 2020

A Look Back: Top Logistics Blog Posts of 2020

As 2020 winds down, we took at look at the year’s top logistics blog posts that most wound you up. In case you missed them the first time, here are the three KANE-published articles that attracted the most readers. They touch on different t...
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Topics: Consumer Goods Logistics

Stan Schrader | September 19, 2019

3PL Metrics: Do Retail Suppliers Measure Success the Wrong Way?

If you are a user of third-party logistics (3PL) services, you know that 3PLs tend to have a metric for just about everything – productivity, accuracy, timeliness, costs…. 3PL metrics are used as a barometer of performance and to inform con...
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Topics: Consumer Goods Logistics, Warehouse Operations, 3PL Outsourcing

CPG Logistics
Alex Stark | April 25, 2019

10 Strategies to Reduce CPG Logistics Costs

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies face a constant battle for market share and retail shelf space. Price points are a key weapon in this battle and, increasingly, companies rely on lean CPG logistics operations to provide a cost advant...
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warehouse associate - warehouse labor
Kane Logistics | April 23, 2019

The ‘Real’ Cost of a Warehouse Associate

Other than inventory, labor is your biggest warehousing expense. And that warehouse labor… well, it's costing you a lot more than you may think. According to salary.com, the average warehouse associate's salary is about $28,000. But many re...
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Topics: Consumer Goods Logistics, Logistics Labor Management

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