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3PL Outsourcing

Think Like the Customer

Kane Logistics | November 08, 2013

We are all customers of something. How often do we get concerned or upset when things that we are trying to buy, use, get serviced, or the like go wrong?  How often do we, in our own service delivery platforms, see customers make moves or decisions that we question or wonder about?

In the world we live in and work in today, mass customization and segmentation has placed many layers of specialists between the creator and consumer.

The ability of the service provider to be a value link now rests with our ability to perform, act out, and serve through the lens of the customer. Not an easy task, unless we condition ourselves each and every day to "think like the customer." Doing so allows for a better perspective and alignment, and ultimately, the agility to be a partner in the success factor in our customers' businesses. 

Do you see it like the customer sees it?