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The Supply Chain Needs Multi-Talented Individuals

Kane Logistics | May 29, 2015

Well, the first blog I wrote in April didn’t get me canned. In fact, my boss liked it so much, he gave me an opportunity to do a post a month. So here goes --

As a newbie and recent business school grad, I’m trying to learn as much as I can (as quickly as I can) about the supply chain industry. I want to be a valuable asset to the team – plus getting a positive rating on my 180 day review as well.

As luck would have it (though it’s probably subversive training from my supervisor), one of my daily tasks is to publish the Daily Logistics News. It’s our digital newsletter curating articles that affect either directly or indirectly the supply chain industry. This task requires that I consume a ton of info dealing with the industry on a daily basis.

One theme I’ve been noticing recently centers on the subject of technology changing the industry, so much so, that there is a talent gap. The silver lining to this shortage is that the barrage of coverage has elevated the profile of the supply chain industry in the public eye, while simultaneously getting airplay on student's radar. 

Students are beginning to see the value in pursuing a career in supply chain, because there is a role for individuals with a set of diverse skills in a constantly changing enviornment. A WSJ article titled Companies See ‘Massive Shift’ in Search for Supply Chain Talent stated, “Industry experts say an understanding of technology and an ability to work in a global environment are increasingly important in the supply chain, forcing managers to look for people with a rare mix of specialized skills to manage this crucial aspect of their business.” Additionally, the WSJ has a ‘logistics report’ section. Now that’s a terrific step in visibility for the industry.

What I’ve discerned is that the supply chain is all about efficiency and effectiveness. In my research, I believe the industry has done a fine job continually improving the efficiency of the flow of goods. The challenge is tackling effectiveness. That is potentially solved by either hiring multi-skilled, logistics professionals or partnering with an organization that understands and embraces that challenge. A company like Kane Is Able executes to meet those increasing demands of the customer.

I’m excited to be working in this field. It’s chock-full of complexity that makes every day an adventure. Maybe with all this press, the supply chain industry will start receiving the attention it deserves.