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3PL Outsourcing

The Role of Culture in the 3PL Selection Process

Alex Stark | February 18, 2016

One of the primary barriers to outsourcing logistics is a concern about the attitude that 3PL staff will bring to the relationship. Even at companies that do rely on 3PL partners, there remains a lingering sense that “these are workers for hire that want to do a good job, but won’t have the same feeling of ownership that company staff would have.”

Well, we’d say it all depends on the company and the associate.

Committed and apathetic workers can be found in any work environment, outsourced or not. During the 3PL selection process, the ideal would be to find a partner that shares your value set and drives those values at every level of the organization – particularly on the warehouse floor and behind the wheel of a tractor, where most of the work gets done. 

At KANE, which has cultivated a uniform service culture since 1930, the company’s approach to customer service is embodied in the 5 principles of The KANE Code.  In this short video, KANE associates comment on aspects of the culture and the code that mean the most to them.