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The KANE story – in the style of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Alex Stark | December 27, 2019

It’s the evening of Christmas day. I’ve retreated to my home office after enjoying an outstanding day filled with family, great food, and the sharing of presents. Being a supply chain wonk, I’ve already pondered the Christmas magic of how all these goodies find their way to their final destinations. Yes Virginia, it is all about logistics.

bigstock-reindeer-kane-153736775That’s not what I’m thinking about, however. I’m thinking how this now past Christmas season just turned the wrench once more, tightening the expectations of how consumer goods get delivered into the hands of the consumer.      

Thinking and preparing for 2020, I found it extremely helpful to fill in the blanks (Mad Libs style) from an excellent resource, Ann Handley. I’ve been receiving Ms. Handley’s newsletter since January 2019. It’s always stuffed with sound advice. In one of her most recent editions (#50 – I joined at #26), she discussed the power of a brand storytelling framework – understanding the challenges a business solves.

I appreciated her perspective on this idea because it mirrors what we value. Namely, why our customers choose to do business with KANE, based on our years of customer surveys and close business relationships; not why we think they work with us.   

It was an enjoyable exercise and makes us at KANE excited for what’s to come in 2020.

Apply the Rudolph Framework to your Business*

Once upon a time, there was a 3PL. (your product)

It has the capacity to deliver exceptional logistics coupled with personalized service. (your product’s unique power)

Some people doubt it because it’s not as large as global 3PLs. (what the doubters might claim)

But one day, logistics professionals realize they crave high-level customer experiences. (something happens)

Which means companies want to work with a partner that practices YOUgistics (how your would-be customer now needs your product)

To help get the products people love and enjoy effectively and efficiently to market. (the people your customer serves)

And that matters because KANE is in the business of making our customers heroes. (how you help your customer)

In the process, you help coalesce a community of logistics and supply chain professionals. (the larger market of those whom your product serves and brings together)

We work behind the scenes creating happiness for consumers.

*Source: Ann Handley’s newsletter, Total Annarchy. The newsletter comes out every two weeks and has a focus on writing, content, and marketing.

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