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A Collection of Recent KANE Articles on the Shortage of Drivers

Alex Stark | November 07, 2017

The just-released Top Industry Issues Report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) shows that the shortage of drivers is now the NUMBER ONE concern of the 1,500 trucking industry professionals surveyed. 

KANE has been beating the drum about the driver shortage for a long while now; arming shippers and other industry professionals with information and proactive solutions to get ahead of the crisis. In this article, we’ve packaged several of these recent posts into one convenient repository for you to get up to speed on both the issue and your options. 

shortage-of-drivers-bigstock-428970218The US Truck Driver Shortage: Lessons from Katrina – Our most-recent article warns against ignoring the seriousness of the shortage. It also examines how forward-thinking shippers, realizing that the U.S. truck driver shortage is making freight more of a seller’s market, are positioning themselves to be “shippers of choice” for carriers – instead of the other way around. 

Truck Driver Shortage: What Should Shippers Do? – In addition to examining the driver shortage as it was at this point last year, this article provides 6 tips – specific to shippers – for getting ahead of things before the situation becomes dire.

Why Intermodal Rail Use Continues to Soar – With the unpredictability within the trucking industry, many shippers are going the intermodal route and transporting increasing percentages of their goods via rail. 

Want to Improve Truck Driver Retention? Hire Better – While retention is a somewhat separate issue from the shortage itself, the keys to hiring and retaining top driver talent is an omnipresent industry topic and one that’s relevant to the current shortage discussion.   

ELD Mandate: Impact on Carriers and Shippers – As we approach enforcement of the mandate, the ELD issue simply will not go away. This article examines the impact it will have on both carriers and shippers.

These are just a few of our most recent articles on the shortage of drivers; they certainly won’t be our last. We hope that they help further your understanding of this issue and serve as starting points for your shortage-related planning going forward.   

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