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Supply Chain Challenges

Q&A with KANE’s CEO Mike Gardner

Kane Logistics | July 30, 2015

In the pursuit of climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, it is wise to seek advice from people who’ve already made it. That is what this and future blogs of mine will focus on. I’ll interview senior executives and share their thoughts, perspectives and advice.

MichaelGardner-headshot-1The first interview is with Mike Gardner, Kane is Able’s CEO & President. It has been less than a year since Mike joined the company, and within that time he’s been able to strengthen our foundation and keep us on the path to service excellence and steady growth. Needless to say, he is a busy guy. So, I was fortunate to be given a few minutes with him while he worked.

What is your opinion of the current state of the supply chain industry?

At times, it feels like the industry is still in its infancy. We have so much to accomplish in terms of innovation and embracing technology. In addition, we must continue to strive to create an injury free workplace.

What do you think the future holds for the industry?

The future is one of amazing opportunity. I felt that way 36 years ago when I entered the industry and my passion and excitement have yet to wane! The stiff competition for supply chain talent these days is a clear indication that, with the right skill set, a supply chain professional can be very successful.

What is your advice to someone just entering the supply chain industry? (Was it obvious that I meant me?)

Embrace every opportunity thrown at you. Take an assignment without fear. I had 12 positions in my first 10 years and I relocated 5 times.

For my last question I asked Mike about the KANE Code, which shares the philosophy of our founder on how 3PL companies must act.

  1.       Keep safety first.
  2.       Sweat the details.
  3.       Honor your word.
  4.       Avoid surprises.
  5.       Treat customers like family.

Which tenet of the KANE Code do you identify with the most?

Now that’s a tough question. All resonate with me. No surprise! Hmmm… Do I have to select one?

Pretty good answer, I think. After all, how do you choose between safety, commitment, working hard, good communication, serving the customer? I guess, in order to lead a company, you must be passionate about each of the many dimensions of the job. Shows how much climbing I still have to do.

Until next time.