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Supply Chain Challenges

Penn State Tops University Supply Chain Programs

Kane Logistics | June 22, 2011

In the most recent Gartner survey of university supply chain programs, Penn State University ranked first in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The survey explores how well leading universities are educating professionals to contend with a rapidly changing industry landscape.

"As a sponsor of the Center for Supply Chain Research and as fellow Pennsylvanians, we couldn't be happier," said Dick Kane, CEO of Kane Is Able. "Their program's success is vital to our industry and we are proud to support them."

Over twenty years ago, Penn State recognized the need for a forum where industry leaders and academics could exchange ideas and advance knowledge in business logistics. In 1989, as the logistics profession was just gaining prominence, the Center for Logistics Research was founded to serve the needs of this growing community.

Today, the Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) is member strong and intellectually active in many facets of supply chain management and the enabling technologies used for collaboration, visibility, and integration.