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Supply Chain Challenges, Contract Packaging

Packaging and the Streamlined Supply Chain

Alex Stark | November 01, 2013

Historically, packaging in the supply chain industry falls under the control of marketing either by manufacturers or their retail trading partners.  However, decisions made early in the process can result in inefficiencies downstream during product distribution – leading to lost sales and stock shortages.   

Four important trends have prompted Consumer Product manufacturers to rethink how they manage their packaging, and what partners are best suited to handle this important function.  KANE's latest white paper, Packaging and the Streamlined Supply Chain, reviews these four trends and their implications.

1. Fewer bodies, more machines. 

2. Promoting sustainability through 'least possible packaging.'

3. Supply chain integration.

4. Single-source packaging operations

Download our new white paper for more details on what trends will impact the future of packaging in the supply chain industry.