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Need to Start Over? Try Northeast PA!

Kane Logistics | June 15, 2011



Glancing through the headlines today, I came upon an article on MSN: The 10 Best Places for Starting Over. With the economy still struggling to find its legs, more people are heading to cities that offer better job opportunities and more affordable housing options. Curious about how people are "rebooting" their lives, I read on.

According to the article, "…on this list you'll find cities with solid economies that give you more money in your pocket at the end of every month and a better shot at homeownership, should you decide to take the plunge."

So which city topped the list? Scranton, PA!

Despite its current pop culture fame as the home city of "The Office", the Scranton area has lived for decades in the shadow of its former coal-mining prosperity. To see the area getting national recognition as an economic value speaks volumes about the investment, revitalization and development efforts that have happened in the last 25 years.

Much of that growth has occurred in the logistics industry. More and more companies are seeing that the area's strategic location in the Northeast and hard-working labor force translates into smart supply chain management and good business.

Here's hoping that articles like these will help that growth continue.